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Patrol Services: Nightly vehicle visits starting at 4:00 pm to 7:00 am, up to six times per night. These visits can include lockups and door checks. 


Standing Site Officers: On site security. Patrolling property on foot and keeping detailed records of activity. Five hours minimum, up to 24/7. Armed Security Officers, Unarmed Security Officers, and EMT certified Security Officers available.


Alarm Response: Responding to calls from your existing alarm system. Thorough and timely response to businesses and private homes.


Our company specializes in:


On Site Security

Patrol Services

Public School Security

Special Events


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Client Testimonials:



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Your staff represented your company in an exemplary fashion. Your team looked and acted professional...When there were a couple of medical emergencies your team went into action...I personally felt reassured, as did members of my staff...I sincerely hope to work with you and your staff in the future as it was a pleasure and privilege to have you at our event.


- Siobhan T.



I would like to commend AAA Security staff for their alert observation that led to the apprehension and arrest of a burglar.  In addition, his professional conduct in the manner in which he maintained control of the suspect until we arrived on scene.


- Jeffrey M. Leight, Oregon State Police



Thank you for doing such a great job with security over the holidays, we are very impressed with your company.  We are looking forward to working with you and your company in the future.


- Sheryl B.



Many, many thank you's to you and your staff! Another successful year in the books!


- Trina W.



I feel that it is important to recognize [AAA Security Officer] in this case, not just because he executed his job duties but because he had the instinct to follow up on a suspicious activity. During a follow up phone call ... I thanked him for his efforts. Without hesitation, his response was, "I was only doing my job". This statement also reflects a level of professionalism and ethics that any agency would like to see in their employees.


- Rachel York, USFWS Law Enforcement



...I want to let you know that your security crew is outstanding and they did an excellent job! You can use us as a reference anytime!


- Dan S.



Not easy duty tonight for your folks. They did a really great job in a tough situation.


- Bryan S.



Where do I start? Well first off, your overnight great and a Rock Star! He always does a great job for me and was willing to stay and cover...


- Andy T.



You guys are rock stars!!!! Thank you!!!!


- Rhonda S.



Thank you so much!...Your patience and response to these alarms in much appreciated!


- Sven A.



I should thank [AAA Security] a lot more often...Very professional and always more than willing to respond to a dispatch...Thanks!


- David G.



Thanks again for all your help. You were very responsive and the price was right. 


- Jeremy G.



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